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Palm Spring Black TRAVEL- extra thin and lightweight

750 SEK

Designed in Sweden. ECO-friendly.

Just as good as our original premium yoga mats, but thinner and perfect for traveling. Foldable to fit in your luggage or carry in the following strap.

Our premium mats is made of natural rubber and soft vegan suede. Ideal for hot yoga and bikram yoga. If you don't sweat during practice, we recommend you to spray the mat with water before and during practice for great grip and to activate the non-slip factor.

If you find your new mat a bit slippery the first time - don't worry. Just like a new pair of running shoes or your favorite pair of jeans, our mat only gets better in time. While you practice, sweat and breathe on it, the soft surface will naturally wear in and become more rough. It might take a while but, it will all be worth it when you'll have a mat that is completely unique just for you.

Use on top of your studio mat to avoid others nasty sweat or roll out on top of your hotel mat to stretch out wherever you are!

173 x 61 cm and 1,5 mm thick.
Ship in a printed cardboard box. Strap to carry your mat is included in the package.

Grounded Factory is for all women and men that wants to live a healthy, stylish and sustainable lifestyle. It all started when we couldn't find a yoga mat that ticked all the boxes – so we decided to create it ourself. Our goal was to come up with a sustaiable and eco-friendly yoga mat so beautiful that you want to have it rolled out in your livingroom all day.

The result is our premium yoga mat made of natural diodegradable rubber tree and soft vegan suede. We believe in nurturing mother earth and the human body, thats why we use hand picked eco-friendly materials that are kind to both the planet and you. All our prints are designed by hand in Sweden with inspiration from all the natures beauty that surrounds us.




Iman Malmberg
Founder and creative director